A Rhode Island signing agent has more responsibilities than people realize. Most people know notary public’s or signing agent’s as people needed to witness and facilitate the signing of important documents. However, what their job actually entails remains a mystery to many. Here are five things a Rhode Island notary public is supposed to do that people might not be aware of.


1: One of the most important things a notary public is responsible for is verifying the identity of the signer. As long as a notary public makes sure that the individual signing a document is indeed the person they claim to be, forgery is nearly impossible. Notary publics usually verify an individual’s identity through photo I.D. or by the testimony of a credible witness.


2: Rhode Island Notary public’s are also responsible for ensuring that the signer of a document signing ‘freely and willingly.’ In other words, making sure that the person signing a document is A: In full control of their rational faculties, and B: Is not being unduly pressured by an outside party. Considering how difficult it is to determine what exactly constitutes a ‘free and willing’ signing, notary public’s make sure to converse with the individual before they sign until they feel confident that the signer is acting autonomously.


3: If the document requires it, a notary public will affirm an affidavit. Notary public’s have the authority to place individuals under oath and validate sworn statements declared under penalty of perjury.


4: It is also essential for notary public’s to witness the signing of a document with their own eyes. Acting as an impartial observer, a Rhode Island signing agent confirms that the article is legitimate. The presence of a notary public also amplifies the significance of the notary act giving an added layer of respect to the legal process.


5: Finally, notary public’s are responsible for recording the procedure in their journals signed by their clients. This way if there are any future discrepancies, all the details of the contract are available for disclosure.


Notary public’s are not solely needed to look important during the signing of legal documents. They serve a critical role in upholding the rule of law and ensuring that contracts stay honored. Though they seem to take a passive part in the notary act, notary public’s are the primary conduits of respect to the legal system.

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